TeenStreet 2018 - Service Team: Germany

Around 500 amazing volunteers, the Service Team, help to make TeenStreet a reality by serving in practical ways.

The TeenStreet event would not happen without the generous and sacrificial support of the volunteers we call the Service Team. This team is made up of all those who help behind the scenes. This includes cooking, cleaning, running workshops, doing AV or security, setting up tents, organising sports, driving, shopping, working with graphics or communications, helping in the administration office, organising teams in the months beforehand, and the list goes on.
Some teens come away from a week at TeenStreet and are most impacted by the people sacrificing their time to clean up after them! Your service at TeenStreet matters!
But TeenStreet is not only for the teens. At TeenStreet, God can speak into your life and transform you as well. There are many opportunities to grow in your relationship with God: with your team, during the main meeting in your free time, during the evening worship sessions, in your devotion times, etc. Or you can just take time each day to sit and chat with a teenager, finding out wha

Dates:Sun 22 Jul 2018 – Fri 03 Aug 2018
Apply by:
Cost:185 EUR (participants from Finland)
single people welcome married couples welcome families welcome sorry, no groups

Ministry Details

The schedule for Service Team members looks different for every team and job at TeenStreet. Service Team members will work in six-hour shifts each day. Depending on your schedule, you will be able to join the teens for some of the daily activities and main hall meetings.
When you register for TeenStreet, you can specify a preferred team to volunteer with. We will try our best to fulfil your preference but can't promise anything. This are the available teams:
Book Shop, Clean Street, Cocktail Lounge, Cyber Cafe, Fruit Stand, Fun Food, Headset Team, Information, Toddler/Kids Street, InBetweens, Kiosk, Kitchen, Main Hall Security, Art, Medical Team, Communications, TS Office, RAG, Security, Sports Team, Staff Café, Coffee Bar, Outreach, Technical Support, Day Visitors, Prayer, Fountain Team, Exhibitors, Translator.

Participant Profile

  • Able to communicate in English or German
  • Willing and able to work in the task assigned to you for at least six hours every day
  • Have a servant’s attitude
  • Have a relationship with Jesus
  • Willing to follow the Community Lifestyle Statement (CLS) and dress code during TeenStreet
  • Recommendation from a church leader


sleep in the mass accommodation


Will be prepared from the TS Kitchen during the whole time.


Make your own way to Oldenburg, Germany. The train station is about 5 minute walk from the site.


In good health condition and have enough energy to handle the responsibility and demanded presence during TeenStreet


Check with your own Home Office.


Apply through the Homepage of your TeenStreet Home Office or register here www.teenstreet.de