Kroll, Woodrow: Home Front Handbook

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How to Support Missions behind the Lines

You are a missionary.

Though you may not be translating the Bible into another language or planting a church in a world capital, God has called you to a ministry of supporting front-line missionaries behind the lines. This booklet gives you ten ways you can be a missionary in your community and support missionaries overseas. Using the early church as a model, Woodrow Kroll shows how the believers in the Book of Acts were faithful in sending, giving, praying and encouraging. Christians today should do no less.

Woodrow Kroll is the General Director and Bible Teacher for Back to the Bible. For ten years he served as the president of Practical Bible College in Bible School Park, New York. He has written more than a dozen books and is a popular speaker at such conferences as the Cove, Bibletown and Word of Life. Dr. Kroll and his wife, Linda, reside in Lincoln, Nebraska.
70 pages