Business Development: Bosnia & Hercegovina

Are you passionate about helping others discover ways to start their own business? Do you enjoy training people in business skills and helping them to develop practical ways to use their talents?
Opportunities are all around, but many here do not have the training and skills to start up their own business. We are looking for someone who has a passion to help others learn, grow, and succeed in pursuing business.

  • Start Date: As soon as possible
  • Commitment Length: 2-3 years (Full Time)

While the economy is weak in Bosnia-Herzeogovina, there are unseen opportunities to begin your own business here. Many though, do not possess the skills or training to pursue opening a business.
We would love someone who is equipped in training and mentoring people in the area of business to invest in the lives of Bosnians. Likewise, someone who can help the OM BiH team to find sustainable ways to maintain finances for OM in Bosnia.
This person would focus on business development among Bosnians, but still participate with the team and ministries going on throughout the year.


  • 21 years or older
  • Experience in business and training
  • A heart to help people develop business skills
  • A passion to motivate and encourage people to grow and dream for the future.
  • Willingness to learn the Bosnian language and culture

Please note: all jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.